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Frequent Questions


Will my Hammond Organ blow up?

Probably. They were built a long time ago and need special care and attention. If you are a complete fuck wit, then you probably shouldn't have one in the first place. It's most likely that you are an idiot and you don't deserve to play a beautiful instrument like the Hammond Organ.

Am I a gig slut?

The simple and short answer is YES! If you play the Hammond Organ, you are more likely to get AIDS and die because you are a gig slut. At the very least, you'll probably get herpes. You should get tested. And don't forget to wipe down your organ after a long, hard, sweaty session.

Why does my Leslie Speaker suck?

Probably again because you are a fuck wit. There's nothing wrong with the Leslie Speaker. Did you plug it in? Have you switched the organ on? Is the volume knob on zero? These are all factors that can hinder the beautiful tones of a truly amazingly beautiful Leslie Speaker. Invented by Don Leslie.


I can't play very well. Will I get better?

If you don't practice for 23 hours a day, you will never make it as a Hammond Organ player, and you probably shouldn't own one. There are plenty of people that deserve them, and you are just getting in the way. Shame on you. Let someone else have it. You should give it away immediately.