The tonewheel Hammond organ


The mighty tonewheel era Hammond organs manufactured from 1935 through to 1975 include
the famous B-3, C-3 and A-100 models, as well as the spinet series M-3, M-100 and L-100 models. Many are still out there and  still going strong, and that's the way we like to keep it! 


We have the experience, equipment and parts to keep those tonewheels spinning. We are happy to set up and maintain your tonewheel Hammond organ for use at home, for live performance or for recording studio purposes. Servicing can include:


Tone generator

Pickup coil repairs

Start & run motor service & repairs

Filter Circuit repairs

Re-calibration service



Power supply overhaul

Re-cap signal path

Troubleshoot & repair noisy audio stages

Complete rebuilds



Key replacement

Re-felt action

Adjust key tension

Repair key contact wiring corrosion ('cancer in the manuals')

Pre-set key faults



Running repairs & re-inforcement

Preservation of original finish

Complete re-finish of cabinets



Solid state pre-amp

Addition of reverb/eq/overdrive/line-out/effects loop

Connector kits for Leslies

Conversion to portable cabinet


The Leslie tone cabinet


We also look after their partners in musical marriage, Leslie tone cabinets - the 'whirling dervish
of sonic space' - with service ranging from amplifier maintenance, motor overhaul, driver
re-alignment or replacement to full rebuilds. The Leslie valve-powered and later solid state tone cabinets are 50% of the magic you hear when a big old Hammond is cranked up live in the room - they deserve to be in top shape, mechanically and sonically. We can help with the following:


Mechanical service

Motor servicing or overhaul

Belts, pulleys, bearings

Drums, scrim cloths, horns, reflectors



Running repairs & re-inforcement of loose joints

Preservation of original finish

Complete re-finish of cabinets


Power amp 

Power supply overhaul

Service of valve amp circuit

Troubleshooting speed switching problems



Cleaning & re-alignment original horn drivers (Jensen V-21)

Replacement horn drivers when original is D.O.A.

Replacement or re-coned original bass speakers


Tube amplifiers


The 'impossible to replicate' valve amps of the 50s and 60s are our other specialty. Vintage Fenders - Tweed, Blonde, Brown, Blackface & Silverface era amps. Gibson, Supro, Magnatone, Valco and Gretsch amps - and not to forget some of the British and European amps - early Marshalls, Vox, Roost, Selmer and the rest. We also look after Australian and other antipodean amps such as Moody, Goldentone, RM, Maxim, Electravox, Jansen and other sweet sounding relics of the local valve-amp heyday. The TLC for your prized valve amp starts here: 


Power supply overhaul

Output valve check or replacement

Re-bias as required

Service of all audio/tone stack stages

Clean up or replace noisy control pots

Replacement speakers

Cabinet repairs

Complete restoration with period correct parts